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To jump right into the books, go to the list of catalogs and start browsing. If you’re looking for a specific title, check the alphabetical Author/Title index. On this page you will find definitions of a few uncommon words found in this catalog. You can find how to reach us on the How to Order page. We’ve also included a reminder that we buy books. In the Galleries, we’ve put a few items on display for your pleasure. If you need to, check out our site index.

A Few Definitions

Several uncommon words occur repeatedly in this catalog.

8vo and 4to. The abbreviations “8vo,” or octavo, and “4to,” or quarto, borrowed from old-fashioned printer’s terminology, describe a book’s general width and height.

Folio about 12 by 18 inches
Quarto, 4to about 9 by 12 inches
Octavo, 8vo about 6 by 9 inches
16mo about 4 by 6 inches

Each of these represents a range. Typical octavo volumes measure from 5 1/4 to 6 1/2 inches in width, and 8 to 9 1/2 inches in height.

Wrappers. The term “wrappers” or “wraps” can mean any kind of paper cover. Its usual use here is in the description “wrappers, saddle-stapled,” which means bound like a common magazine.

Broadside. A broadside is a single sheet of paper printed on one or both sides. In Red House parlance, a handbill is a broadside printed to publicize a performance, event, or publication.

First edition. Almost all these books represent the first time a text appeared in print. If it’s a reprint, or if it was published elsewhere first, we say so.

Fine condition. To avoid ambiguity, we’ve tried to avoid vague terms like “very good condition” or “near fine,” opting simply to specify the book’s flaws: “small tear in dust jacket,” “spine sunned,” and so forth. A fine copy is a copy with no defects.


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The illustration at the top of this page is the uncredited cover illustration for the paperback edition of Divine Rights’ Trip, by Gurney Norman.

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